False Identity


During my teenage and young adult years I enjoyed going out to night clubs. I was in the club every time the doors open. I would hit the dance floor and dance from the moment I entered the club till they cut the lights on and it was time to leave. Many nights when I left the club, I would leave with my clothes soak and wet from dancing so much. I love to dance so much that I was even part of dance groups. We danced and perform on stages, parks, and birthday parties. To add, the dance moves were very provocative at times and I even wore daisy dukes and other skimpy clothes. All I knew was I wanted to be a dancer and be on somebody’s video and just dance all my life. Everywhere I went I was pumped up to dance even by family members. People would always say “that girl can dance!”

One summer I entered a dance contest at Grant Park. The winner would get $1,000. However, I noticed when the competition started every contestant before me really wanted to win that money. They started taking off their clothes and was dancing naked. Well, I thought to myself that I have on the shortest shorts on already, and I can dance better than them… I’m not taking off my clothes. Well, it was finally my turn to hit the stage. I started dancing and after about one minute of dancing the crowd of men noticed I had not started taking off my clothes, so they started booing me. I felt so embarrassed and walked off the stage. I felt like a failure, shame, and a looser at the same time.

However, I often thank God for that day. I left with my dignity. God used “embarrassment” to deliver me. He knew the thoughts and plans He had for my life already!  He made it work for my good. I had discovered that the enemy tried to tell me who I was before I knew who CHRIST said I am! The enemy told me I was a “dancer” and I was… I just was NOT his dancer.  I was created to dance for Jesus! I call it “false identity.” That was not the real me. The real me was hidden in Christ Jesus.

God said in his word that He knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb. So therefore, I was with him already in heaven. I learned the wrong me first here on earth.
To conclude, I still dance now, even until I get soak and wet with sweat. However, I just switched dancing partners. I now dance for Jesus!

Thought to ponder:

Satan is a liar and a deceiver! He studies God’s people and try to get you to learn the wrong “you” first. He doesn’t want you to know the real “you” that is hidden in Christ. To add, God gave us these gifts and talents for His purpose only. They are to be used to glorify His kingdom.
What gifts and talents do you have?
Are you using them to glorify God?

Action to take:

1. Repent and ask God to forgive you for misusing the gifts and talents He gave you.
2. Ask Him to change your desires and appetite for only the things of God.

Verse of meditation:
Jeremiah 1:5 (NLV)
“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

Prayer to pray:

Father God thank you for creating me in your own image and likeness. You are a forgiving and “just” God.  Please forgive me for not glorifying you with the gifts and talents you placed in me.  Help me to honor you with my life. Teach me your ways Lord. Help me to live upright. Show me my purpose here on earth and help me to live it out to the fullest!  In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Author: Telleice Caraway

I'm a dedicated wife, author, CLC and mother of a blended family of five children and 3 grandchildren. I started a personal relationship with Jesus Christ on March 2, 2013. From that day forward, my life has forever changed! I love Jesus and I have a passion for helping women of all ages and walks of life. As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I enjoy helping moms and baby breastfeed successfully. My favorite moto is "Any breast milk is better than none." I believe every mother and baby have their own unique breastfeeding journey. I look forward to walking with families to make the journey rewarding! I have been married to my loving husband, Michael since 2005 . We have experienced God's unmerited favor on our lives. However, It has not always been easy. Just like other married couples, we have faced many obstacles: In-law issues, financial issues, blended family issues, infidelity, cheating, etc. In 2011, we were near a divorce and our marriage was nearly over, but God had other plans for our union. He has restored our marriage, healed, and delivered us both. We are now SYMBIS Marriage Counselors and the proud founders of A2GG (Adding 2 God’s Gifts (Adding2godsgifts.com) A2GG is a sports development and mentor-ship program for the youth. To conclude, we enjoy attending church and helping families overcome the strategies of the enemy.

6 thoughts on “False Identity”

  1. This post layed in my spirit, so much that I came back to read it again and when I did I found myself going back reading a few of the past post! Sis. Carraway all I know is what you have birthed out here is only the beginning of what God is going to do!!! Keep being a servant keep being honest and true keep being transparent keep letting God use you! Help us sweet Jesus! Luv ya sis.


    1. To God be the Glory!! Thanks for pushing and encouraging me to do what God has placed in me to do. It’s not always easy but people like you always show up and it helps me to keep going! Love you sis😘


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